Vitamin Injections

You can get the nutrients you need without an IV bag! Jumpstart weight loss, boost energy, alleviate pain, or correct vitamin deficiencies with one or more of our premium intramuscular shots.

Injections Level 1


Increases energy levels, improves brain function, promotes healthy cell metabolism


Strengthens hair and nails, promotes healthy skin


Increases energy, boosts metabolism, increases red blood cells

vitamin d

Supports bone health, regulates immune system, regulates insulin levels

Injections Level 2


Supports cardiovascular health, improves circulation and blood flow


Relieves migraines, eases moderate to severe pain


Initiates and aids in weight loss, increases metabolism and energy levels

Frequently Asked Questions

How do vitamin injections work?

When vitamins or medicines are injected intramuscularly, the active compounds are released steadily over a longer period of time and are gradually absorbed by the surrounding tissue.

Where will I be injected?

The most common injection sites are the shoulder, hip, and thigh.

How long does an appointment take?

On average, injection appointments take about 5-10 minutes to complete. There are a few forms to fill out prior to your first injection, as well as a quick medical assessment.

Can I get more than one injection in a single appointment?

Yes, our dedicated healthcare providers can guide you on the best combination of injections to reach your desired goals.